No Booth out! Alternative workarounds?
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    Default No Booth out! Alternative workarounds?

    Hi guys,

    I have recently scored a trial gig at a bar. I have a denon mc3000 which has no booth out option.
    I don't actually know if the bar has a mixer through which I can plug my denon into.
    If they do have their own mixer, what cables do I use to connect them?

    If they don't have their mixer, should I buy my own mixer which has a booth out option and just connect he denon to it?

    Or are there any other alternative solutions?

    Thank you guys!

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    Cue in your headphones.

    Taking a mixer with a booth out is no use if your denon won't output booth. If they've got a mixer you'll probably connect to it by RCAs. If they haven't it might be RCAs. What you need to do, however, is ring them and find out.
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    Why don't you connect the rca master out to the club's booth and the trs master outs to the mains? Then just adjust the booth amps volume to something tolerable?
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