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    Default How Would I Set This Up

    I have access to a turntable/Mixer set up I can use, but the sound will have to be routed to a soundboard auxilllary input, which is a 1/8 inch cable. The kind that goes into a headphone jack.

    Is it possible to hook up timecode to output through this? If it is possible, I will pick up an Audio 6 soundcard.


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    Do you mean you have access to a turntable & a traditional DJ mixer? And that they will be played through a soundboard?

    If so my first thought would be to use one of these
    But I gotta say that this setup is a bit unorthodox. I've never encountered a soundboard board that used 3.5mm (headphone sized) jacks for aux inputs. They're usually 1/4" jacks (the kind usually used for guitars). I honestly couldn't say whether or not this would sound like crap or damage your gear and the soundboard.

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