DeLorian's 88 MPH (electro-house SLAMMA!) Redux
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    Default DeLorian's 88 MPH (electro-house SLAMMA!) Redux

    Hey guys! I recently posted a thread here regarding a mix I made and got some great feedback!
    Being primarily a producer, I'd like to get the same feedback (if not more) on one of my productions. It's a sample-based electro-house song, pretty simple but I really like how it came out...

    It's the first single off of an EP I'm working on, I'll be posting it here as well once it's done next month.

    Let me know what you think!
    (the first one 404'd on me... here's the correct version)


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    It's not really a style I'm familiar with, but I really liked the funky bass at 1:18, and I think the production quality overall is really good!
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    really like the funky groove to it!

    The drums are nice and crisp. There's a lot of ear-candy going on with the panning and the phaser type effect on the guitar. The use of the filter was nice and smooth, It gives the track that evolving-organic feel. Definitely a fan of the percussion that comes in at the 2:15 mark. Over all really nice, groovy track. Production quality seems really good as well.

    Nice Job!

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    Really really like this. I have to say it doesn't sound like electro to me at all though. More of a funky house/disco house track IMO. either way, great stuff.

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