Pioneer CDJ-850 Platter Sticking
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    Default Pioneer CDJ-850 Platter Sticking

    The Pioneer CDJ-850 Platter is Sticking when you try to spin it.

    Anyone have any ideas? Not sure if someone spilled something on it or what?

    When you switch to VINYL mode the song slows down and/or stops completely.

    Should I try an electronics spray under there?


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    Bump. This brotha' needs our help.

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    sounds like the touch sensitivity of your jogs is permanently "on", which leads me to believe its a mechanical error. maybe try shooting some compressed air into the area surrounding the jog, see if that frees it up at all. If your technically inclined, i would open that bad boy up and see if you could find any sign of touching between the jog wheel and whatever its sitting on. Sorry i have never had this same problem, but i know the feeling when gear starts going haywire, and it sucks. hope u get your problem solved man

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    Sounds like someone has put something heavy on the platter and damaged it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Scott View Post
    Sounds like someone has put something heavy on the platter and damaged it.
    Ding ding ding! We have a winner. The jogwheel is not a coaster. It sounds like the classic spring compression issue, its rather easy to fix with disassembly, just stretch the springs back out or replace them with pensprings.

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    Spring or the jog pressure sensor itself. Not hard to change in both situation
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    I think there are videos on Youtube on how to fix it DIY style on CDJ1000, check them out
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    Default Unsure of a new Purchase

    Hi sorry to jump in ur conversation but I've just brought some pioneer 850 k's(brand new)and the jog wheels feel a bit flimsy and they make a slight noise when span! They don't feel like the quality of the 800's n 300's I've played on before, any input would be much appreciated thanks

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