Building ableton sets vs Traktor
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    Default Building ableton sets vs Traktor

    HEy guys, questions regarding traktors remix decks vs ableton for djing. I wanted to start off getting some resources on where to buy tracks/stems that work well with traktor and the F1 or ableton as well. i havent used ableton to dj much but i just got an apc20 and wanted to try building an ableton set. Alot more preparation than my usal traktor but ableton seems fun once its all set up. Any tips tricks on HOW to organize an ableton set? I see a lot of good videos on YouTube but often they dont show screenshots(only the controller) so im lost at where to start and how ableton should look once the set is built. Is it easiest to just paste the same song into several clips and then edit each one and add looping etc? Should i just scrap ableton and the apc and get an F1, how does the F1 compare to ableton as far as djing this way? I know the grid is alot smaller but other than that maybe i could get the clip launching satifasction im after using an F1 instead of ableton and the apc. Thoughts?

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    Two very different beasts! Ableton is first and foremost a DAW for producing music. It just so happens that it also has an interface for playing your music. With Ableton, you can script the cells so that they play in a certain order so you can press one button and it will play the songs, and you can tweak it as it goes. Very clever, and highly encouraged if you're playing your own material.

    However, if you're looking to create crazy mash ups from stems and what not, the remix decks (and thus, the F1) are definitely the way to go. They're still in their infancy, and I'm sure NI will have a tonne of features coming in future updates to make it even more capable, but you can tell they're a new idea as soon as you start playing with them. They need a LOT of prep work to get them working as on complete fluent remix set, but it's well worth it in the end. In fact, I use Ableton's very precise loop editing and quantise features to fine tune my loops and one shots for the F1.

    Here's an example of Ableton, James Zabiela is well known as a poster boy of Pioneer gear, used very often for promotion of their products, his live set up, as you can guess, consists almost entirely of Pioneer gear. However, at the side of that setup, he has a MBP with Ableton, which he uses to play his own songs during his sets. The reason? Because then he can actually perform his own songs.

    So yeah, other peoples songs, Traktor, your own, Ableton, I think is what I'm getting at. (I've had quite a bit of rum, at time of writing)

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