Korg Kaoss Pad Mini (or similar), thoughts????
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    Default Korg Kaoss Pad Mini (or similar), thoughts????

    Whats up Ladies and Gents,

    What are peoples thoughts about said product. I have had one laying around for years, and its been a couple since I used it. It always bothered me that it killed the DB's so much, and at the time I figured I should just work on my mixing and programming skills and thus put it away. But on saturday night I stood behind James Zabiela for a solid hour and his use of his sparked an interest in pulling mine out of the closet. Im curious to hear the thoughts of those that have used one, or a similar Korg Kaoss model. Do you just crank your gains up to get back to a good enough DB level?
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    check this video explains a bit how he uses it

    basically samples it but i guess you could use anything that produces sound with a bit of creativity

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    I've been watching used kp3's on ebay for a bit. I've seen a few go for around $150. Totally worth it considering all that one can do with it. I plan on using one in an fx loop with my mixer and having it timed via midi to my audio 10. I don't produce, but the midi automation in ableton looks pretty cool. The input level of the kp3 is adjustable, so no worries about line level differences. The low volume fx return from my audio 10 makes post fader fx very quiet and noticeable when I hit the fx send button on my mixer. I hate it.
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