Traktor KONTROL S4 Using to Much CPU
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    Default Traktor KONTROL S4 Using to Much CPU

    I recently purchased a S4 and for some reason it seams to be using up way more cpu than it should and causing alot of audio glitches. The load bar seems to randomly jump around and peak in the red even when i am not mixing or loading tracks. I have tried adjusting the sample rate and process buffer but it hasn't helped much. When my S4 is not plugged in i can mix with my mixtrack pro, launch pad, and nanoKONTROL simultaneously and still not be able to peak the load bar. I would love any insight to why this is happening with my S4. Here are my PC specs and i am currently running Traktor 2.6.1

    -Asus notebook k40IJ/K50IJ
    -Pentium Dual core T4400 CPU 2.20Ghz
    -3GB RAM
    -64 Bit

    Any ideas would be awesome! thanks in advance

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    Try their new beta driver to see if it does any better, but first raise up the latency settings in the Kontrol S4 driver panel.

    Maybe the Dual Core begin to show it end of life cycle for Traktor too. Maybe...
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    First thing, that's your audio load, not your CPU load. Redlining is generally caused by your latency settings being too low. If you are set to something like 2ms latency, boost that up, as well as your sample rate, and that should help you out a bit.

    What is your sample and buffer rates at? As well as your latency?
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