new to this -- which controller should i buy?
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    Default new to this -- which controller should i buy?

    all right so, i've been meaning to make the switch for quite awhile now. i just recently managed to sell my ANCIENT set up and i've been saving up for a good controller. i've got about $500 or so, currently, and i just want some feedback before i dive into it.

    definitely want jog wheels, i did some light scratching here and there so definitely still want something with that feel, i think.

    really heavily considering the vci-100. on ebay i can definitely buy it in my price range and have some left over for other accessories. and i've heard lots of good things about it. my question -- are the newer models equipped with latest firmware (i think i read here about some laggy business?) if they are, i'm afraid if i buy from ebay the problem won't be resolved. thoughts?

    recently i've been wanting to hold off on getting the vci-100 though, because i'm wondering if any newer controllers are one the market yet or will be on the market. i mean, if vestax is about to come out with something better, i'd want to hold off for that.

    speaking of which, i read about the new fx controller coming out for the vci-300. this is tempting because of the better jog wheel, and i'm a bit more familiar with serato than traktor. still out of my price range, but i'm wondering if i should hold off for this til i have a bit more?

    so what do you think? around 500, should i go for the vci-100 or look into something else? your input greatly appreciated!

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    Are you okay with setting beatgrids, or would you rather do it traditionally with the pitch fader? The whole vci-100 vs vci-300 debate basically comes down to that.

    I got my vci-100 for pretty cheap off of ebay, iirc it was $375 with free shipping. It came with v1.1, which is the firmware with the issues. To be honest I didn't even notice until I checked.

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    If your gonna ask that question on this forum, just about everyone is going to tell you the Vestax Vci-100, there is also a large amount of vids and tutorials on DJTT that can help you set it up which mite be good. Why dont you do a little bit of research for your self. How far do you want to take this DJing hobby, what are your plans for the future, will you only be sticking with traktor or maybe also getting into Ableton, and whats your price range. Take all of these into factor and then maybe you mite be one step closer to finding the controller's that are ideal for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n2hf1st View Post
    It came with v1.1, which is the firmware with the issues. To be honest I didn't even notice until I checked.
    Atleast you can fix it now ! When i bought my VCI-100 when they first came out i got firmware 1.1 and there was no way to upgrade the unit until we started selling firmware upgrade units on DJTT.

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