Pioneer djm-t1 & Serato Scratch. **first post**
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    Default Pioneer djm-t1 & Serato Scratch. **first post**

    First off, hello. This is my first post here and I am new to the site. I am 37 and I have been into turntablism for a long time. When I had kids 9 years ago I had to put my tables in storage and I have been out of the loop since. Recently I pulled them back out and set them up. Needless to say A LOT has changed in the world of djing over the last 9 years. I kind of feel like a caveman who was recently thawed out and is learning to evolve. In saying that, I want to apologize for my ignorance in advance and I hope to find a few patient djs in here to answer some questions for me.

    I am looking to get some new hardware & software. My current set up consists of a vestax pmc-05, 1200s, shure 44-7, and a butt load of vinyl. After comparing and studying for the past few weeks I think Serato is a good fit for me. I am looking at the Rane TTL 57sl mixer but the Pioneer djm-t1 fits my budget better. The djm-t1 comes with traktor but my question is will it work with Serato w/o me having to get the rane interface? Does anyone have any recommendations? Can and should I run both Serato and Traktor? Should I just stay with my current set up and add Serato interface and dicers? Any ideas would be appreciated!

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    No you'll need a Rane soundcard or Rane certified mixer (57, 61,62,68) to ever get SSL to work. DO NOT get the 57SL unless you get a good deal on it used. The soundcard in the 57 is the SL1 and has been discontinued, the SL2,3 and 4 are better sounding cards. If I were you and on a budget I'd grab a used SL2 (Bigbeatzz is selling on this forum), and X1 and call it a day.

    I used to use Traktor (this is a Traktor user heavy site) and switched to Serato. I find it a more streamlined, easy to use software, with less bells and whistles and I find that workflow MUCH more enjoyable when playing music. Also the flexibility of having a soundcard and X1 is you can take those with you anywhere and plug into any system vs. having to take your mixer somewhere.

    Of note: the Traktor X1 midi device is natively supported by SSL. It's plug and play, or you can midi map it to your liking.

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