So i just got my schedule for my Vietnam trip. Just wanted to see if any of the guys on here were locals. Was looking to setup a gig. And wanted to know if anyone wanted anything from the states.

So basically I am going to Vietnam and touring Vietnam with about 20 people I go to college with

So far the confirmed dates for Hanoi are May 31st and June 1st

I wanted to let you guys know cause I do realize some parts of the world especially Asia things tend to get pricey if shipped from the USA. Since I am going to be traveling from San Francisco (Home of DJTT) I wanted to see if anyone want me to bring anything for them.

Also any DJ buddies who know any of the local DJ's in Hanoi send me a message. Because this trip is an international experience and I would really like to experience the EDM scene and DJ scene of Vietnam. So anyone with contacts in the scene please send me an email.