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    I was just looking for some advice I was interested in doing the QSU Q-Bert Scratch University. I hear a lot of great things and yes I am familiar with all the free YouTube videos.

    I was wondering I donít have turntables I have a Traktor S4, I know they have a Traktor section, I called the school at artist works and the gentleman said they have a Traktor section but unsure itís worth the 3 months he couldnít really tell me.

    I was wondering has anyone with a S4 and no turntables gone through the school before. Would I be hindered due to not having turntables?

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    Yes, learning to scratch with turntables is tricky if you don't have turntables. Or an appropriate mixer.
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    Get a set of proper turntables if you're interested in scratching. And either upgrade the S4's fader to an Innofader or buy a scratch mixer.
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