When I move on from this Mixtrack...
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    Default When I move on from this Mixtrack...

    I want to try out cd/multi-players in general, 2/3/4 decks and a mixer combo. However I still wanna keep my tracks localized onto my computer and I love Traktor's expandability with controllers (like being able to wire off reverb freezes to another controller)...so I could just grab something like a DN-SC2000. But the two things that really attract me to multiplayers is the fact that they have a display on them, and you can also suddenly s switch from a usb stick's library over to a CD on the fly if you need (that's what it looks like to me, correct me if I'm wrong). Pretty much, I want the backend stuff that Traktor can handle, but I want to stay away from the computer as much as possible haha.

    I've recently understood that multiplayers are being integrated with software, which sounds like a dream come true. How does this usually work though? As in, if you integrated a CDJ with Traktor, could you get track, beat, bpm, key, etc. info displayed on the CDJ while using the player to select tracks from Traktor? Can you still play a track off the CDJ's own CD deck/USB Port if you decided you needed to?

    Thanks guys!
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    You can only get track info from Traktor on CDJs with the Pioneer 900, 2000, and 2000 Nexus models.

    Tracks on USB or CD will play directly through the CDJ as usual - Traktor will not see the track.
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