make traktor pro 2 keep the same tempo throughout the whole set
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    Default make traktor pro 2 keep the same tempo throughout the whole set

    hi everyone

    the rule of first played being master makes sense, but it seems that i end up with different tempo somewhere in the middle of a set.

    this could be due to some mistake that i am making. any idea?

    if not, an unchangeable point of reference would be necessary. it could be either a simple 4*4 loop played from say 4th deck right thoughout the set, but this would take one of your decks

    another option would be syncing traktor to some other software, like midi ox's timecode generator.

    but how to configure traktor to do that?

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    swap the master clock from "auto" to "master"

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    +1 what @Jester said.

    Set the clock to 'Master' and then click on the BPM count next to it, and type in or drag up/down to the tempo you want to keep it at!

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