Quick Help! What am I doing wrong??
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    Default Quick Help! What am I doing wrong??

    My DJ'ing partner and I are trying to put out a collaborative mix, with 2 Controllers (Vestax VCI-400EGE) through 1 Traktor. We have been trying for hours, following the steps listed here:


    The problem that comes up is neither of us can control deck C/D, but both can control A/B.

    We want:

    1 guy control A/B, 1 control C/D.

    How do we make this work??

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    assign one of your controllers to be the main audio output.

    are you sure you guys have your Deck C/D focused on your controller?
    Make sure your controller mappings are properly loaded into traktor.

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    Sounds like a quick re-map of decks c/d should do the trick. Just go into Traktor's preferences and everywhere you see Deck A or Deck B, change to C or D.

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