Ableton grooves, help!
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    Default Ableton grooves, help!

    I'm currently working on my first track, and I've been messing around with grooves since they provide that human touch instead of the dull robotic/computerized feel

    I don't quite understand some of the grooves though, the more obvious ones are easy like, "congos" "cowbells" etc, but what do these grooves do:

    - Swing?

    - SP1200???

    - Quantize? (I kinda understand this, but would love some clarification)

    - Notator???

    - Logic ???

    - MPC ???

    Any clarification on any of these is much appreciated! I fucking HATE the sound of some parts in my track cause it sounds way too robotic so I need to add the right grooves and such, so you would be helping me out a ton!

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    Groove is pretty much interchangeable with 'swing' in this instance. Swing gives you more of a shuffle feeling while the SP1200, Notator, Logic and MPC grooves model the swing settings from those various samplers/sequencers. When it comes to grooves, the hotswap button is your friend since it does take a bit of demoing to get the feel for what you want and of course you can always massage the groove parameters a bit to fit. You can also extract grooves from pretty much any audio and use it on a song too.

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    ableton Grooves aren't nearly as important as people make them out to be. Just work on your arrangement and drums for now

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