i found out about these guys through jango, a free internet radio service similar to pandora,, etc. they were actually listed under their affiliates, so i figured they're legit.

basically what A&R Select does is write bios, shop you out, basically be your A&R guy (duh). the only catch is they require $25/month for their service. some people say "RED FLAG", others say "hey they gotta get paid," but usually their pay comes out of YOUR pay, right?

anyway, i've heard mixed reviews. apparently they're associated with BMG, or they're not. apparently people have been signed, some got amazing promotions, and then some have been 'scammed'

anyone have any experience with these guys (or services like them)? since the last "manager" i had wasn't really serious about anything whatsoever, i'm looking for some sort of promotion outside my own. thanks for the help.