exceeded bandwith?!
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    Default exceeded bandwith?!

    So I just got an M-Audio Ozone from a good friend, and when I plug it in (latest drivers installed) in conjunction with the hercules rmx console, traktor refuses to load the library and then windows says I have exceeded my bandwidth? Not sure what that means. Having the ozone function as my effects controller would be sweet! But as of right now it aint working. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
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    never heard of that before. Its if it works fine normally without the Ozone then its probably that that is the issue, maybe it means that its exceeded the USB bandwidth or power draw somehow? Are they plugged into two usb slots right next to each other, maybe running of one controller chip or something? Try plugging them in to separate ones far away from each other if you have them, see if that helps.

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    What I can think that might be happening is that if I am not wrong the Oxygen has a built in sound card. Maybe Traktor is trying to use that one as default and as it is not design for that it fails. Check that you donīt have the ozone audio interface selected as sound device in Traktor and also in windows sound properties, just an idea.

    Also might be related to a firewire issue.

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