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    Hi Tech Junkies

    I am in need of a file name editor for all the mp3's that I DL. Im sure alot of you have the same problem, you DL an artist album and such and theres always a number in front of the file name to specify which track it is for example 1. HeatBoyer - Happy Ending. Its an agonizing process to have to left click + right click rename (or left click twice slowly) for each individual song especially when theres 100+ songs each day. So I am asking to see if there are any progs preferably free ones out there that will let me select all of the tracks I want to rename, do it all at once and at the end hit save and Walah your done.

    Thanks guys!

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    Sorry, i usually just use iTunes. In saying that though, maybe its just me but mostly nowadays i tend to find that they're pretty good now that so many people have stored their music digitally and have goten used to sorting it before they upload it, only a few need fixing.

    Yeah the actual filename may have a number in it, but when imported into iTunes 9 times out of 10 the track name, artist and album are usually pretty accurate for me, alll I usually have to mess about with is the Genre as I use this in a particular way to catagorise and organise my stuff.


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    i can definately NOT recommend songgenie .. this app is a joke .. it simply cannot handle music libraries above 500 tracks .. which makes the app pointless. same for coverscout.
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