need help warping a track
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    Default need help warping a track

    hey everyone ... maybe someone out there in music land can give me some help. im trying to warp a track by nina simone (feeling good) in ableton 8, but im stuck: i can warp 4 to the floor tracks no prob. but this track is giving me a lot of problems.. can someone give me some insight into what i might be doing wrong..

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    try to get the correct BPM set before you load the track in.

    try mixing it manually with an electronic track in Traktor etc.

    The closer you match the BPM the easier it will be to warp it.

    Some old stuff is all over the place. Try splicing it into parts (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc.) with Audacity, Soundforge, etc.

    Load and warp these individually and then rejoin them in the audio editor.

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