Any special uses for the balance/pan knob?
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    Default Any special uses for the balance/pan knob?

    So just a random thought today as I was opening up my mixer, Does anybody actually use their pan or balance knob/fader on their mixer while performing or even just practicing?

    I have three mixers, Vestax pmc 06, rane ttm57sl, and behringer ddm4000. All of which I have never even moved the pan knob since I've opened the box. For the vestax pmc06, I love this mixer to death but I hate the fact that it is only a 2band eq and I wondered why they added a dedicated pan knob for each channel instead of making it a 3band eq.

    Ddm4000 only has one balance knob for the entire mixer which made a lot more space for their stuff.

    Since it is very common on most mixers to have a dedicated pan/balance knob I wanted to ask if anybody had any cool uses for it Other than just making your left speakers lower volume than your right speakers.

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    When you have a pan knob on each channel its cool to seperate two belnded tracks into different parts of the stereo field then bring them back together. Any tracks that have a large sweep, phase, or flange are fun to play with the balance knob as well.

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