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    Hey guys, I know this is not really a done thing, however I know that there is great love for all electronic music here, from hip hop to drum and bass and from old to cutting edge.
    If you have a Facebook account it would really help a truly worthy cause to join a group called : I love oldskool house - Rise Reunion 2009.

    This was a night that holds dear memories for many a guy and girl, even if you have never heard of the night I would like to think that its a small ask to help bring back a classic 90's house night.

    This was one of the biggest nights in the U.K in the 90's with upwards of 900 cueing for ours come rain or snow, which I feel does not happen so much nowadays...

    Thanks so very much


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    I'd be happy to!

    While you're on that - I'm gna hit out a final push for my competition - if you're feeling supportive (as many of you already have, very kindly ) please join and support my cause!

    I need as many people as possible before the 1st of September to compete with the big boys, and would love a few more members! Find it here:

    It would also be nice to hook up with you all on facebook


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