Tempo adjust with Keylock on
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    Default Tempo adjust with Keylock on

    Hey guys,

    As I'm still at the bedroom DJ phase and have only been mixing on monitors. To those who have performed on larger sound systems or PA systems: how far do you push the tempo when you have the key locked in, without a really noticeable loss in quality. I notice it pretty quickly on my monitors. But I would imagine you can get away with a bit more in a loud, noisy bar/club.

    If it helps, I'm using Traktor and prefer house, so I'm almost always in the 120-130 bpm range.

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    Traktor has a pretty decent keylock (on HiQ, not ECO) so I wouldn't worry about mixing BPMs between 120-130.

    The usual recommendation is to stay within 5 or 6% of the original BPM.
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    There are some sounds that the keylock algorithim does terrible with and there are others where it's not as noticeable, so theres no set rule......just use common sense when you play out as every sound system and envirement is diff.

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    Traktor's keylock is rather finnicky, sometimes you can push it pretty far without breakup, other times it completely shits the bed the second you move the fader. I always keep a long standing policy of not using more than a +/- 6% pitch in general, and you'll really have to tune by ear which tracks work to what extent and such. In my experience though, the breakup tends to be rather immediate, rather than a subtle variation, so your monitors should actually be as good of, if not a better, judge of where breakup occurs.

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