It's Alive!!!!w/ new audio 4 dj
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    Default It's Alive!!!!w/ new audio 4 dj

    I'm still having headphone cueing problems. Here's my setup:
    Dell e1705 2gb ram XP home optimized for traktor pro
    Traktor pro upgrade from Traktor 3.4
    DDTT vci-100se 1.3 firmware w/ TSI 2.3 & Tpro overlay
    NI Audio dj 4
    Numark CDmix2

    I installed the audio 4dj and routed the outputs as follows:

    Mixer mode-internal

    output monitor- 3ut 3 right channel B
    4ut 4 left channel B
    output master- 1ut 1 right channel A
    2ut 2 left channel A

    I get sound through the speakers. The problem occurs with cueing with
    the vci-100se. Check this out:

    I play deck A sound w/ crossfader to the left---Sound from speakers!
    I load a track to deck B,press headphone button for deck B, sound from
    deck A plays in headphones & speakers. Headphone volume knob(level) raises and lowers volume in speakers and headphones (This happens on both sides
    of the crossfader) I tried adjusting the hdph mix(fade) and it fades to each deck. Basically I get no seperation from the speakers and headphones using
    the headphone function on the vci-100se.I,m starting to think it's in the
    mapping. Here's a few questions:

    1.should the headphone volume (level on the vci) act as a master volume?
    (I can turn my speakers down from here)
    2.when i turn the fade knob on the vci clockwise (mst) to (pgm) the mix knob
    in tpro turns counter clockwise. Is this correct?
    3.the headphones buttons on the vci act as loudness buttons on a stereo
    reciever,is this right? My dj buddies say the headphone section on the
    vci act as a master volume control. I'm trippin' what do you guys think?
    4.Where is the control for the master volume
    We've tried everything we could think of. I'm starting to think it's in the dj
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    yes, the headphone selector should turn in the opposite direction from whatever way you turn it, its part of the mapping to get the names right (cos on the VCI overlay they're at the opposite sides.)

    but for the rest of your points no they all sound wrong, its not how mine acts anyway although I have an Audio 8 and that may be something to do with it.

    In terms of your channel routing, should the monitor channel be channel B? surely if monitors have to be either A or B then you would never be able to use an external mixer, or if you did then A and B would be used for Deck A and B and then you would have no channel left for headphones? As I say i have never used an Audio 4 DJ so cant say for sure but just seems a bit funny.

    failing something to do with that then yeah sounds like the mapping is doing funny things try downloading it again and reinstalling it.


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    Hey good news! After writing the last thread a Dj buddy came over and we
    checked my whole setup and traced my problem to a rca cable.i replaced
    it and we set the mix knob(fade) to pgm-clockwise on the vci and
    SHazaam! it works! Everything is all good. I will go asap to sam ash store
    and buy some quality rca cables for my rig. i learned a valube lesson:
    Get good equipment,don't scrimp on the small stuff!
    Man a Dj saved my life!..........Peace people!

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