Hello Mad Zach and company!

I'm starting this thread to make a place for general questions and suggestions specifically regarding finger drumming. Any questions posed here may be answered by Mad Zach or anyone else with two cents for the subject.

First of all, thank you so much, Mad Zach, for your recent tutorials and your on going sound packs! These have been exceptionally inspiring to me and my skills have definitely gone up a few levels.

My first question for everyone is this:

When taking individual songs (packs), how do you technically and musically link these together into a full set?

I'm quite well versed in Ableton and I have some ideas around this in a technical setup but I'd like to hear others ideas that may have better play-flow. I currently am using a knob to switch one 'chain' (pack) on and turn off all the others but this is difficult to pick more than a few packs. I believe I need to turn off other packs to save CPU.

In terms of musically, it would be nice to actually mix elements of one pack with the next.. Does anyone have ideas how to best achieve this?

Thanks a bunch for any info! I have lots more questions but this seems a good start. Cheers yawl!