Cheapest Macbook dealer?
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    Default Cheapest Macbook dealer?

    Seeing as to I live in Canada , there isn't much choice as to where to buy macbooks for my DJ and production needs .

    So I'm looking online for a place to find the cheapest macbooks !

    I don't mind if it is refurbished or new , but I would love to see some links , it would really help me out and save me a few hundred bucks . Money I could spend on new equipment in the new future !

    Thanks , I wanna see what you guys got !

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    amazon has good savings or ebay but you generally won't find many big savings on macs because apple are so tight with their pricing
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    Apple Refurb shop Direct is almost as good as it gets - I picked up some amazing deals on it and if you call Apple direct and get a decent sales agent they may throw in something to sweeten the deal further. I got my mom applecare for $50 with her refurb iMac & got my sister a mighty mouse thrown in.


    $800 saving on a 17' macbook pro for my boss (the newer model got a minor .2ghz speed bump)
    $200 saving on my macbook white
    $200 saving on a macbook air
    $400 saving on an iMac

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