HELP! how do I load mappings to ableton
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    Default HELP! how do I load mappings to ableton

    Im new to ableton and I just received a midi fighter 3d. I'm really confused on how to get a a soundpack set up, or do anything besides change the color of my buttons...
    I'm using osx. Can someone please help me.. its really frustrating...
    they have tutorials on how to load mappings to tracktor but not with ableton .....
    this is soo annoying wtf I may as well not have one
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    Left hand side menu. Instruments > Drum Rack > drag that drum rack to the arrangement window. Assume you know how to record sounds or have 1-shots already? You should have a folder within your samples called "recordings" or whatever you like so u dont have to leave ableton. Drag these sounds onto the drum rack (look drum racks up). Maybe change velocity. ARM THE TRACK. Bash some buttons. Youll see what buttons play which grid in the drum rack, so make sure your samples are within those.

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