OK, Traktor Scratch A10 vs Serato SSL4
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    Default OK, Traktor Scratch A10 vs Serato SSL4

    I took the time to read about Traktor A10 vs Serato SSL posted here . I did extensive research before and after my final purchase. However After one maybe 2 gigs either system you get will more than pay for itself, any $$ you make after that will be profit. If anyone has had a BAD experience with either system i would like to hear from you please. Facts The SSL has 2 USB ports and more, A10 has (1) USB plus more effects than SSL. If you have a truck load of spare $$$ buy both and see which one works best for you and return the one you don't like. I could not pass up the bargin price on my choice. NI Traktor Scratch Pro A10.
    The one thing NO DJ can go wrong with is a RANE DJ mixer They are the best by far but very Expensive.

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    Could have just added this to the existing thread..

    Pick the software you prefer 1st.
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