Recording my DJ set VIDEO question.
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    Default Recording my DJ set VIDEO question.

    Hi guys. I have a question that maybe you can answer.

    I am DJing all over town (Bournemouth, UK) and other UK cities and do a monthly radio show. I want to record my set (basically 20-30 minutes of it) through my iSight Camera (I use a MacBook Pro). I DJ with CD and Vinyl using Traktor Scratch Pro 2.6 thus need something which will not slow my machine down and start messing my sound up.

    As well, the 20 minute Recording should not take more than 1GB (less preferred) so when I compress it to make it just about 100-200Mb (also a question, what is the best compression software you guys recommend for this)

    Many thanks in advance

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    so you basically want to record your own face while djing?(which is essentially going to happen given your description)

    You can select the audio source for the recording ( so there is the possibility of using rec output from the dj mixer).

    As to what file size you'll have to test, it's all dependant on the codec, the size, etc. Video can be a bit complicated

    Regarding the output format for the video, H.264, 720p will be more than enough. You can limit the bitrate to certain levels.
    Quicktime or mpeg streamclip or both good option that aren't too complicated to use; I think you'll be ok if you don't have a license key for QT.

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    Buy something like this dude

    720p widescreen and cheap as chips, you may get one cheaper in an auction but I just got this one in a BIN and it works great for me using ustream, will be even better quality if you are only recording and not streaming it

    Forgot to mention you may need to disable your iSight camera if you get usb bandwidth issues
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