While there are 4 'songs' on this EP, it was written and intended to be played as a single piece of music. It's only 14 minutes long, don't worry. The start times of the different songs that make up this EP are:

00:00 - The Way In
04:00 - Involved
07:52 - The Endless Muse
10:38 - No Further

Here is the link to the complete album, as a single continuous 320kbps AAC:


Higher resolution and lossless versions, as well as the individual tracks, are available from Bandcamp:


If you purchase the album, email a copy of your order to me and I'll send you the Ableton Live 9 Project of the entire album for you to explore and mangle as you will. Normal Creative Commons Licensing applies, see the bottom of this page for details before you release anything: http://tarekith.com/tracks/

Project requires Live 9 to open, sorry to those with earlier versions! Approximately 220MB.

You can read the full story of how this EP came to be here: