Tsi files mac pc compatible Traktor Pro 2.6
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    Default Tsi files mac pc compatible Traktor Pro 2.6

    Hey all, I painstakingly created a midi-mapping for an HiD controller on windows, I have recently switched to mac. I have the exported tsi file I used with PC and I have loaded it into traktor. I am using Multicontrol to go HID to Midi and am seeing it register with traktor but the mapped controls are not activating.

    Any ideas?

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    The problem might be with your HID to MIDI program as TSI files do not vary between OSX and Windows.
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    Does the MIDI light on the top left blink when you press/turn a control on your controller? Case not, double check your MIDI IN/OUT port assignment in Traktor to make sure they're not actually set to n/a. Start a new MIDI map to see if you can learn some MIDI note/controls. Case not, I would bet something wrong in Multicontrol.
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    Check virtual midi cable too!

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    Awesome comments... thank you, yes Traktor picks up signal from the controller but nothing happens... I also attempted to recreate another mapping though it doesn't seem to want to learn... no matter what button I push it seems to only pop up with the same button code. It is really odd.. and what is the "Virtual Midi Cable?"
    Also in multicontrol I don't see the values going up and down... though I do see activity in the controller light in Traktor...

    Thank you for the Help, I really appreciate it!! Making the transition from PC to Mac has been interesting though I must say that the Mac handles Traktor 100% better than the four PC's I worked with before it!! So I am very grateful to have it!

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    Also do you have any suggestions for HID to Midi other than Multicontrol that may work better or more efficiently?

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    Hi i'm looking for the TSI files for fader fox to Traktor 2.6 any ideas... I've got Audio 8 & Fader Fox DJ2

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