Akai APC 40 or Novation Launchpad (WITH NativeKONTROL)

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    Default Akai APC 40 or Novation Launchpad (WITH NativeKONTROL)

    Being the fool I am, I bought the NativeKONTROL apC series CL3 without knowing that it's not compatible with my APC 20. I'm not Midipipe-savvy enough to get it to work with the apC series, and I have no idea where to start, in terms of becoming Midipipe-savvy (I did some research). I also don't want to spend $200+ on M4L or $70+ on Bome's

    I'm not that fond of the APC 20 to begin with, so I want to switch it out with either a Novation Launchpad or an APC 40 using their respective NativeKONTROL softwares. I'm aware the APC/Launchpad debate is an old one, but I'm interested to see how NativeKONTROL changes that.

    It seems that the two mappings are pretty similar in functionality, but I'd like to hear from the people who own one or both.

    I'm leaning toward the Launchpad because it's portable, bus-powered, the grid's bigger and it sounds like the buttons/pads are better. Though I do like the device control, the encoders and just the all-inclusive control on the APC 40. The thing I worry about with the APC 40 is that it's too bulky, so it'll take up too much desk space and I won't be able to lug it around in my backback.

    For a frame of reference, I own a Maschine and an Oxygen 49.

    For those who are unfamiliar with NativeKONTROL:

    Edit: Got a Launchpad, and I'm running LPC with it. It is DOPE.
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