What People play wants my password?
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    Default What People play wants my password?

    Hi, guys. Somethings is fishy . I had a problem downloading some tracks off of Whatpeopleplay.com using Google Chrome. I try IE9 and it works.
    So, I contact support , wondering why google chrome had trouble downloading audio tracks. I like Chrome and would like to continue using it.
    LOng story short, the contact person asks me via email for my account password to test my downloads with Google Chrome.
    I declined of course. However, part of me is like what if that's all he wants to do?

    Should I give him my password or is this suspicious?
    Help , ty.

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    I would have thought they could have checked your download without your password (some other means) and you have one the correct thing not handing out your own password to what old be any tom, dick or harry !

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    My job is to support our Google Apps customers and have to deal with Google Support quite a bit.

    They do NOT have the visual that you would think.

    They usually ask for a password to be able to test externally from their system.
    I recon it's safe to supply it.

    Just change it the next day or after they investigated.

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