Beginner Set up.
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    Default Beginner Set up.

    Hi. I got into djing recently and i'm planning to invest in a set up.
    My idea was getting a pretty "minimal"(if you want to call it like that) kind of set up, not like 4 CDJs and a huge and heavy mixer. Was thinking about
    1.Xone K2 or Kontrol F1
    2.Novation Launchpad or APC 40
    3.or maybe something like a denon dn sc2000
    I'm open to suggestions though!
    For live performance and also for production (?)

    Thanks, the truth is that when it comes to gear I'm really scared of making a mistake and spend hundreds of dollars in something that i'm not sure if it's going to work for me.


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    If it's for production go for the Launchpad or APC.
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    X1 if you want full control on the decks
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    Hey man, if you are trying to produce and a beginner, I would not recommend any Traktor only controller. You could get something like the APC40 or one of the MPD controllers like the MPD26 (what I have), and you can still use them with Traktor fine, it's just more trouble getting everything mapped exactly the way you want it, but it's good to learn these things.

    I also have the Denon DNSC2000. If you get any sort of Traktor only controller, I would recommend this one... It is the cheapest alternative to a CDJ that is actually worth the cost, and it will let you control 2 decks as well as learn manual beatmatching.

    If you got a X1, you have no jog wheel, so you'd have to beat-grid all your tracks pretty much. I know there is a user made mapping for Serato too, so that gives you some variety options in the event you switch things. The support for Serato is not nearly as good, but at least there's the option. I personally haven't tried this yet though, so I don't know how reliable it is.

    With traktor, I use a MPD26+LPD8+DNSC2000, so it gives lots of control options.
    Otherwise, I use CDJ800mk2s with no software.

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