finally getting out of my bedroom - scored some first gigs
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    Default finally getting out of my bedroom - scored some first gigs

    Hey guys.

    First of all, I'm not gonna be asking questions like "help, i got my first gig, what do i do? what music do i play to make the crowd go crazy?" etc.

    I recently started working at a small bar located close to about 7 nightclubs, so it is kind of a warm-up place for many people going out. It's a very small place and it hosts deep-house nights every saturday. When I applied for a job as a bartender there the manager saw in my application that I also DJ and he asked me if I could imagine playing there one day. This day has come now I am going to play from 9pm to 2am every saturday in april, so it's a total of 4 gigs.
    I've been DJing in my bedroom for almost 2 years and since I'm quite shy never felt ready to make the next step, but now it just somehow happened. I feel quite confident since I know the environment, all the people working there and also the regulars. It's not really a place where people dance, since its small and doesn't get too crowded. So it's the perfect place for me to start and gain some first experiences.
    The only problem might be that 5 hours is a pretty long time. I definitely have more than enough good tracks to make it work, but I have to watch out for myself to not get in too much of a mood and start dropping some techno or heavy tech-house, because that's what I would prefer to deep-house, since that just does not fit the venue. I will drop some groovy tech-house in there, but not too much, just to see how the people will react

    After all, I wanted to thank all the guys from DJTT-Forums because without you I wouldn't be where I am right now. I've learned a lot in here and (almost) always have been treated nicely and with respect so thanks for that.
    So i just wanted to share this news with you guys.
    Will definitely report back after the 6. of april to tell you how it went

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    That's nice story man. Keep up!

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    Bartending and DJing, best combination ever! Good job, you'll see, knowing the environment helps a lot!
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    Good luck dude! Kill it!

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