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    So i have always had a love for Prog. House
    I decided i would like to start mixing/producing.

    I have purchased an s4, Speakers, laptop. To get me started.
    I'm asking for some tips on how to progress in the DJ scene/What else do i need/should buy.
    Goal is to land a residency somewhere down the track!

    Any help will be appreciated!

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    Jayro, first off I would like to say that I have only been at it a few months so take this for what it is worth. I have 2 bits of advice that I have learned real quick. First, be hard headed when it comes to not giving up. You are most likley going to feel like you are not getting anywhere or feel like you are just spinning your wheels. Just keep telling yourself that no matter what you WILL do this.

    Second, remember that all the gear in the world will not make you a good DJ. What you have right now is MORE. Than enough to get mixing. Only other thing is some piece of software for DJing and producing. I DJ and produce out of ableton. You can chooses whichever piece of software combo seems to suite your needs (a whole nother thread topic) since you have the NI hardware you will most likley want to stick with NI software for DJing.

    I know most people rip on him but skrillex is a good example. He produced grammy award winning tracks on a 13" macbook with blown speakers. Spend all your time and energy mixing and producing, not lusting over new gear. We are ALL guilty of breaking this rule...

    Hope I have helped In some way. Appologise for any spelling errors as im posting of my phone. Good luck brother.

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    Get used to what you already have. "Don't just fill up your set up with hundreds of machines" - Chris Liebing.

    Once you've have spent good time and hours playing with your current set up, you may start realising, "Hm I could do with this" or "okay I need this" etc..

    Good luck :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayro View Post
    What else do i need/should buy.

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