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    I have never had performance issues with my Macbook Black or my Macbook Alu...or Macbook Pro.

    But like it has been said, once you notice that it is lagging....SSD is the way to go.

    The HHD the machine came with is the bottleneck.
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    I appreciate everyone's insight on the SSD vs. HDD debacle. I wanted to try to steer things back on topic here though if I could.

    Do you feel that a resolution of 1280x800 will be adequate for future updates and versions of Traktor for years to come? This is keeping in mind every time NI rolls out a few new bells and whistles for Traktor, more on-screen real estate is required.

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    One of the reasons I picked the Air over the Pro is the increased resolution (1440x900).

    1280x800 is a little dated now but it's fine for 2 deck mixing. If you plan on using 3 or 4 decks I would recommend getting a higher res screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shr3dder View Post
    Can you uprgrade the hardrive on the new Macbook's after purchase? I thought they soldered stuff in now, especially the SSDs..

    Be good news if you can, I'm about to buy a new mac and I'd also like to be able to upgrade a bit later when hard drives have come down in price and gone up in size...That said, Apple tend to use such proprietary plugs and adapters that it always ends up costing a fortune... (I paid $250ish 6 months ago for a 120gig SSD.. Purely because the Air had such a weird plug none of the larger and cheaper SSDs would fit)
    Here is your answer, but still expensive because their are only two manufactures at the moment that make these harddrives. Only ram can't be upgraded.

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