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    Quote Originally Posted by BentoSan View Post
    One touch sensitive USABLE button in the effects section per knob and none none of this splitting it up into A B and master channel crap, at least 8 knobs, 8 buttons, 4 cross faders and two nice long firm faders (like the vci volume faders) per deck just for the effects section alone.

    1 xy pad and 1 joystick per deck.

    A bigarse drum trigger section - at least 14 nice sized touch sensitive pads (that allow high tempo triplets while not killing the wrist).
    * A balanced layout (notice, for example, the sync button are slightly offset from key/loop. Much more like the VCI-300 layout.

    * A usb hub (seriously, us mac users only have 2 usb ports).


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    Quote Originally Posted by kidfromkibbly View Post
    How big would these controllers be though if we had everything we wanted?!
    HUGE!! It really depends on the compromises that were made for practicality if we were to try and keep it close to as compact as the standard vci-100/300 designs.

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    It's amazing how every DJ controller going today have velocity pads now. I'm not saying it was my idea, but yeah it was my idea. FYI Midi Fighter should consider those new mechanical Cherry switch arcade buttons HBFS-30. Even better yet would be if you could get some of those Razer optical "scissor" switches into a arcade button design like that. Optical is the holy grail on latency and reliability and scissor switches have the least travel. That design would be the most ideal time synchronized perfection. Yeah I'm a necromancer of threads this one needed a bandage applied.

    What might people change with a midi hardware controller? Personally I'd combine a Mixer, DJ Controller, Sampler, Groovebox and Multi Effects into one cohesively functionality unit.

    - 4 XLR/TRS inputs (enough 2 stereo hardware synths or 4 mono analog synths oh what fun)
    - 2 XLR/TRS outputs (stereo outputs of course)
    - 2 XLR/TRX AUX send/returns (why not!? Go big or go home!)
    - Coaxial/Optical input 2 (same and reasons I mean 2 motifs or XV-5080 well that's a juicy thought)
    - 5-DIN MIDI I/O 1 in 2 out (sequencing 2 pieces of killer synth hardware and input control for a keyboard or whatever fancies you!)
    - Sampler with overdub and SD storage (BOSS RC-LOOPER/MPC why yes please let's explore this parallel musical rabbit hole labrynth!)
    - 16 pads velocity pads split into rows of 4 steps and columns of 2
    - Handy options note repeat, hold, arpeggiate, chord, ect
    - Touch screen for every control you could want or imagine and functionality including step sequencer/piano roll, automation, quantize options, 5 band parametric EQ per input channel plus 10 band graphic EQ output), X/Y pad, 16 track levels, and a cross fader plus other stuff I'm sure I forgot...(like that thing do stuff I want it all)
    - 480 PPQN
    - 96 polyphony 24 part multi-timbral with GM
    - 2 Vinyl style scratch jog wheels
    - Quick access buttons or encoders for a profile access matrix between touch screen and endless touch encoder knobs controlling different automation functionality and switching
    - 16 endless touch encoders knobs useful for step sequencer and mixer and step effects controls alternating matrix profile flipping allows for accessibility between both them and touch screen control to better prioritize and suit your workflow at a particular moments notice.
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