Hey guys, wanted to analyze all my tracks on my desktop as it has significantly more processing power and memory than my laptop and then transfer it over but it seems that the beat grids specifically are not writing to the ID3 tags. I have already read that they get saved in the Traktor files but I was also under the impression that they are also written to the MP3 tag which would make analyzed music portable. I also read that there used to be a "Write ID3 Tag" button when right clicking tracks in browser but I cannot seem to find it. I wasted over 10 hours analyzing music but when I transfered the files over to my laptop and imported them the beat grids still aren't there. Any ideas? Do I have to click "Lock Analysis"? I haven't been able to find a good thread or post regarding what exactly Lock Analysis does other than prevent traktor from making changes. Any help would be appreciated.

Was also curious about what "Stripe" and "Transients" were in the analyzed tab.