CDJ-2000NXS.. how do i stop hot cues from auto-playing?
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    Default CDJ-2000NXS.. how do i stop hot cues from auto-playing?

    hey guys, so basically, i set hot cues at 3 different points in all my songs:

    1) First beat of song
    2) First Drop
    3) Outro Loop

    basically what I'm looking to do is to be able to have Track A coming to an end, and to have the 1st cue point I have loaded for Track B, basically "cue'd" and ready to press play.. however, whenever I prepare the 2nd track and hit Hot Cue A, Track B automatically starts playing at that cue point..

    I basically just want to have it where i can hit the hot cue button and just have the track line up to that exact position in the song, without playing.. can anybody help me out with this? thanks!

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    Use the memory cues, not the hot cues. They give you 10 of them for a reason. You're not using a DVS, "hot cues" on CDJ are pretty much worthless when you set more than one per track, they're intended to let you bounce between tracks, not as ghetto cue points.

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