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    hello all.
    I have a set of denon sc3900s and a set of numark ttxUSBs. a ddm4000 mixer and I am running SL4. I am running the 3900s in hybrid mode and I have my left table set to midi channel 5 and the right table on middle channel 6. how ever my lay out of my whole system looks something like this

    ttx - 3900- ddm400 (mixer) 3900 - ttx and the mixer channels are my left ttx is 1 my left 3900 is 2
    my right 3900 is 3 and my right ttx is 4

    my problem Is that when I try to control serato via 3900's my right table which is in channel 3 of the mixer.. its controlling deck 2.

    and my left 3900 it is in channel 2 of the mixer but it is controlling deck 1 in serato.

    I cant seem to figure out why this is happening.

    any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Deck 1 and 2 in DJ software usually corresponds to Channel 2 and 3 on 4-channel mixers.

    How exactly do you want it to work?
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    right that's exactly how its set up and that's how I want it to work. but for some reason my 3rd deck is controlling my 2nd deck and my 2nd deck is controlling my first. Im not sure if its because my 3900s are internally set to MIDI channel 5 and 6 but in the calibrations and in the mapping files that's how it says to set them.

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    edit- it was all in the mapping im all set now.

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