Ultra 2013 Livestream discussion (weekend 2)
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    Default Ultra 2013 Livestream discussion (weekend 2)

    so far we've had 5 djs on stage with the swanky tunes vs hard rock sofa b2b set. someone on twitter compared it to one direction. lol

    r3hab impressed me with his high octane electro productions. not sure if him sweating so much equates to putting tons of work in your set but it looked like it.

    umek absolutely KILLED it!

    adam beyer started off slow as he usually does. they should have broadcast the 2nd half of his set instead of the first.

    martin solveig was martin solveig. it was kinda cool when he brought out kid cudi.

    and my mind was completely blown when eric prydz started dropping all kinds of techno on the ultra main stage. he's still doing it now! and this is the same guy who produced "call on me".

    and so far all djs look like they're actually mixing.

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    just as Avicii drops levels, the power dies. is that a sign?

    but wait, it was actually done on purpsose. now there's a band playing country on stage. O_O

    avicii is still behind the decks for some reason.

    seems like Aloe Blacc is all over Avicii's new album. and now the livestream is full of tags. not sure anybody would want to pirate this album to be honest...
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    I find it funny that most Youtube comments where BEGGING for Avicii instead of Carl Cox just a few minutes ago. Now the dude goes and plays something different from levels and suddenly EVERYONE hates him (at least taking Youtube comments as reference). So far so good IMO. Gotta love new fresh sounds.
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    ^ lol. as far as youtube goes i usually take it as 70% trolling/30% for real.

    i think the country is what threw people waay off. had he started with the new EDM tracks it may have been different. no matter how much of a beat you put under it, country is still country.

    i'm just surprised he didn't collab with big name singers besides aloe blacc. i'm not up on all my country singers but i'm pretty sure joakim berg and audra mae aren't huge stars. for a second there i thought anthony kiedis was on stage.

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    why does tiesto keep looking back at the camera. i understand once or twice but he's doing it every single time. it's like he feels progressive house tiesto has finally arrived and is here to stay.

    luciano's got all four decks going. i can't shazam anything. maybe they should have stayed with tiesto a bit longer and given him a chance to warm up. but who am i kidding. there's no smooth transition from tiesto to luciano.

    and i just looked at the views since they left tiesto. down 5,000.

    edit: it's been 20 minutes, down by 8,000 viewers
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    why is luciano smoking? just a pet peeve of mine. most of the states i've lived in outlaw smoking in bars so i haven't had to witness djs who smoke.

    getting closer to 11:30 view count climbs back up a little.

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    7 hours of coverage. 30mins of umek, 30mins of adam beyer, 30mins of carl cox and 1 hour of luciano. pretty good balance all things considered.

    luciano was pretty impressive. i noticed he had the same two snares playing for the entire hour and kept changing the other 2-3 tracks on top of them. his style doesn't have a lot of fireworks but it's that slow build you appreciate after about an hour or two. it was funny how he hid the track names on the traktor decks since he knew it would be on camera. umek didn't care.

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    Loved lucianos set! Can't wait to see him this summer! Pretty bummed that they only showed 30mins of adam beyer...
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    watched until halfway through carl cox' set.

    umek was killing it proper and so did adam beyer.

    then i had to witness martin solveig...just...bad. i shuddered when they started doing live vocals and left the room.

    eric prydz was cool. good to see something different on the main stage besides electro pop. at the end he seemed to be struggling with his mixing though.

    carl cox was quality as ever.

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    not sure what's going on with the mainstage setup today. they just have a metal table covered in black tarps. earlier when fatboy slim was on i figured it was just because he requested that setup. it was just the table with no tarps and he was even djing barefoot.

    ultra pulling out all the pyro for guetta. i was about to switch to carl cox on di radio but i think i'll watch a little just to see what happens.

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