iCon iStage Ableton Control Surface Script (help)
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    Default iCon iStage Ableton Control Surface Script (help)

    Hi folks,

    I'm trying to build a midi control surface script for the iCon iStage Controller. Hardwarewise the controller is pretty neat but softwarewise it is completly locked up behind his potential through a restrictive firmware. It isnt possible to change the midi messages. In order to use it with ableton you have to map every single button. I already have done that, but then I stumbled upon the control surface scripts.

    I cant code python and not familiar with the Ableton Remote _Framework. I a tutorial and found a website which assist you in creating surface scripts.

    For a starting point I mapped the first row (4x1) of the grid matrix with help of modern.dj/app and checked on it. The good message is it works, the bad message is that every row has a different Midi-Channel and the dial knob on the left side (which would be great for moving the red remote box) change the mapping of every button according to the movement. Because modern.dj/app only supports one midi-channel at the moment I dont know how to map the other rows. Also I would like to know how it is possible to only light up the buttons which are loaded with content? Right now every button which is mapped is lid up with a red-color, which is quite confusing.

    Maybe someone here is fluid with python and the Ableton _Framework? Does someone have a idea how to workardound the dialknob-issue? Please give me some hints.


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    Made a video for a better understanding of the issue:

    Link to the live control surface script used in the video: http://modern.dj/app/midi_remote_scr...geB_modern_dj/

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