Mixer for Turntables which can be used with F1
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    Default Mixer for Turntables which can be used with F1


    I want to buy a standalone mixer for my turntables which I can play normal vinyls from. Eventually I want to add an Traktor f1 (or two) to this dj mixer and use Traktor Pro 2 for remix decks.

    The question is what dj mixer would work great as a standalone mixer with turntables for a couple of months then when I have enough money to buy a laptop which can run Traktor Pro 2/Scratch Pro, can work with some f1's.

    Like this guy: djstuff2.jpg

    My budget is around 400 / $650

    Are there any alternatives to Traktor Z2?



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    Pioneer DJM-T1 is the obvious alternative to the Z2 but neither are great without Traktor.

    Those are the only 2-channel Traktor Scratch mixers; all of the 4 channel ones will cost more.
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