[Other] [EDM - indie] Diskonekted - Taking off again EP
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    Default [EDM - indie] Diskonekted - Taking off again EP

    It's been some time but we're finally here with a new single.
    This is the first collaboration between Nox and Filip Wieser.
    We already have lots of beats going on but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    This is a nice melodic EP. It's hard to put a genre label on it so we'll just call it EDM.
    We hope you'll like it!

    Cover art by: Matej Pečnikar

    Remix parts are also available if someone wants to dig in!

    Give us a shout out if you like and comments are very welcome.
    The EP will be released next month as a free download! We'll post the link here

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    The track with a remix is out today as a FREE DOWNLOAD! Just follow the links and have fun!

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