Traktor Remix Decks similar to Ableton Live
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    Default Traktor Remix Decks similar to Ableton Live

    I already have Ableton Live LE and a launchpad but wondered whether it would be better to invest in a new laptop and buy Traktor for the remix decks or whether I should just upgrade Ableton Live to use for live mixes? Do they basically do the same thing?

    I mix with a Twitch so either way I could map it to Ableton or Traktor

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    Well what kind of DJing do you do? Your own stuff or other peoples? The general consensus is nothing beats Ableton for performing your own songs, but if it's club DJing you'd be better suited with Traktor or Serato. I've seen a few DJs who export their Ableton production into loops for Traktors remix decks, and I kind of do that also, because Traktor lacks an in depth clip editor.
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