I recently bought a Korg Zero 4 b/c the deal was too good to be true $325 here locally in Chattanooga, TN... never dealt with Firewire interfaces but was always curious and always wanted to use the RME interface. Problem is I have a windows based computer not a mac and the firewire driver had latency issues with 64-bit version of windows.

search on internet for solutions BUT all were dated, vague, or had dead links... I did a manual search on one site b/c the site was good but the location of the file was not and I found this:


problem is it is not compatible with 64-bit either!...luckily I have 32-bit versions of windows 7 laying around so I partitioned my hard-drive with windows 7 pro 32-bit...

turned off everything I do not need to optimize the latency and cpu usage of traktor, installed the bus driver package above and everything worked...

Now, I have an old dell inspiron 2.4ghz dual core with 8GM ram... lowest latency I could ever get on a NI interface was 11-12ms... Before I installed the 3rd party driver it was on 22ms latency on the korg zero 4...now i've got it down to 6.1ms latency with no pops and clicks... i'm sure if I messed around with all the cpu settings I could get it even lower BUT 6.1ms for me is better then I have ever dealt with on a windows based DVS program.

I may install XP on a partition to see if its any better BUT with windows 8 I fear it will soon be forgotten and not supported going forward.

I don't think the issue is with Traktor or Korg in general... I think it's windows being stupid about supporting an apple based product (fire-wire)...good thing the company above found a solution. I'm sure this would probably work with any fire-wire interface that anyone is having issues with in the windows 7 platform