How to easily search/organize music in an external HDD?
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    Default How to easily search/organize music in an external HDD?

    Good day
    I'm new here, so please go easy on me :P

    So, i finally decided to purchase a new hdd, since my old 2-partition disk was getting a bit small for both djing and personal stuff.
    And here i am, done a squeaky clean install of windows, optimized it, installed serato, now the only thing missing is...the music.

    I have previously backed up my entire old hd to an external drive, so the music is there, the problem is that i've never really created a library for my music, so all of my tracks are scattered across various folders. (yeah i know, very very messy, but i searched throught itunes in serato, and virtualdj could search on the whole disk, so i didn't really think about actually creating one)

    So here goes the question: does a software that automatically searches/organizes tracks in a drive, detects and ignores duplucates, and copies them to another folder/drive exist?

    And no, doing it manually is not a viable option, because the tracks are literally everywhere, of different formats, and there are quite a lot of duplicates..

    Thank you very very much

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    Don't think there is any help for your issue. There are programs for renaming files, but frankly my friend, you will have to get them into a folder or folders manually as far as I know. The other issue you will probably have is the tags are probably different too. The file renamers will help with that. I would sort them in different folders by how they are named first, rename them and then merve them. The search capabilites of your dj software will count on the names being the same format. I know... Not good news. It seems once you get them organized in one folder there is software out there to remove duplicates and corrupt files tho.

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