Would a mixing desk benefit my home set up?
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    Default Would a mixing desk benefit my home set up?

    Hi im new to the forum and relatively new to music.
    Im considering buying a small mixing desk but wanted to know whether it would integrate and be worth using with my current set up.

    I eventually intend to preform live but at the moment I'm currently recording my music into a macbook.

    So basically my set up is.

    Akai Midi Controller
    Korg Kaoss Mini
    Akai Monitors
    Behringer condensor microphone

    Which is then all hooked up to my MacBook Pro in which I am recording my music on Logic.

    So like I say with this set up would a small mixing desk work within it and be beneficial. I want the ability to maintain sound levels in one place than all over the place.

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    Its a desk dude :P You integrate it how it fits your work flow. I moved across country and setup the gear I had on the floor to use until the moving truck arrived :P

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    Just a few questions:
    - Considered using a MIDIcontroller for controlling volume levels?
    - Please think if and how it will benefit your workflow. (You probably have done that loads of times, otherwise you wouldn't be coming up with a question on DJTT. )
    - What's your budget?

    One who's know to rock a mix desk during livesets is dutch techno hero Jeroen Search:

    or together with his friend as Dimi Angélis as counterpart:

    If controlling 8 channels would be enough for your live setup, you could always look for a Korg Zero8.

    True on Windows they weren't that great, due to poor firewire support. But I have heard some of the gods and some of the lesser gods talk great stuff about these on Mac.
    This page has an excellent review, and also features demo vid beneath on how people(Ed Solo, JFB and Buckwilde) use it together with Logic:

    Other options could be Allen & Heath Xone 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, DX, Evolution UC33, APC20/40/80.

    Just think what you're aiming for here.

    Also, do you want the mixing desk to be Analog/Digital, make sure the desk hasn't or has got a soundcard inside, depending if you want to stick with the MBox or not.
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    This is a question im asking myself.

    My set up is:

    Logic pRO 9
    Ableton Live 8
    KRK Rokit 8s monitors
    behringer UMX250 MIDI keyboard
    Lexicon Alpha USB Sound Card

    I would like a kind of mixing desk that i can basically use to change volume and EQ parameters on 'everything' noise wise thats done on my macbook, even itunes/youtube for example, If I am playing a track and would like to just turn the bass down down on the low eg knob etc, same with in logic, i can EQ what ever on logic, from the mixing desk.

    Any suggestions?
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    The first thought that came to my mind with this is a choice you're going to have to make, either having a soundcard with a ton of outputs to go into a hardware mixer, or doing something with a software controller with EQ's.

    My first thought would be the Livid CODE if you wanted something specific for that purpose, but other MIDI controllers (many by Livid) may kill other birds as well.

    This is a very personal choice to work with your setup, it's just finding exactly what you need.
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