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    Hey everyone, I'm just getting into DMX lighting. I bought 6 Eliminator Electro 86 lights to use as wash/uplighting. These lights are 4 channel with 1-3 being RGB and channel 4 is intensity/strobe intensity with values 0-189 intensity, 190-250 strobe slow-fast, 251-255 no function.

    I was looking at the Chauvet Obey 4 for simplicity, I also like the pre-programmed color selector buttons. My concern is the Obey 4 won't work and I need something more like the Chauvet Obey 10 where I can select values for the 4th channel.

    The Obey 10 will work becasue I'll only have 8 lights max hooked up, but they will all be on the same program so no need to really control each light individually.

    Am I correct in assuming I'll need a controller more like the Obey 10 as opposed the the Obey 4? Is there another entry level controller (Universal 512) you guys recommend?

    I'll appreciate any tips/tricks you guys can pass along. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Dmx controller

    You will need a controller with at least 4 channels. I have 12 of those lights. They work great, red ch1,green ch2,blue ch3, dimmer/strobe ch 4. If you don't have channel 4 they won't even come on.

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