USB Powered devices and wireless connectivity
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    i am looking for some sort of wireless connectivity set up for my live set up. I use an apc 40 paired with various other controller depending on what i need but i was curious if there is a way to plug all my controllers into some sort of hub that would send to my macbook wirelessly. I am trying to cut down on the amount of cables running into my macbook live . i would also like this magical device to power usb-powered devices like the midi fighter. so in a nutshell i want my macbook on a stand with just one wireless usb set up plugged in then all the controllers feeding into the other end of this mystery set up and receiving there power from the hub rather then the computer to cut down on cpu. is this possible. if not what parts are possible and what products do i need to make this happen.

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    It certainly sounds possible, but pointless. There is no benefit to using a wireless system over a powered hub connected directly to the Macbook.

    USB devices like an APC 40 use an insignificantly small amount of CPU, and power draw is completely unrelated to CPU usage (but you can use a powered hub so power draw from the Macbook will be 0).

    Was there a specific reason you wanted to go wireless?
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    Going from wired to wireless doesn't cut down on CPU usage at all.

    If anything, it might increase it because of the wireless. Plus you're gonna introduce more lag.

    If you really just want to reduce hte number of cables going into the Macbook, you can get a hub as makar said.

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    +1 on the powered hub. Plug your soundcard directly into the mac, then the powered hub into the other port, then all your controllers into the hub.

    There is absolutely no need for wireless equipment as a DJ until they develop a way to DJ with streaming audio.
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    i got the belkin power hub, can plug in 7 different usb devices into it and i dont have to worry about it drawing to much power from my lil laptop

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